MLP: Roleplaying is Magic Season 3 Edition

Earlier this morning, the MLP: Roleplaying is Magic team released Season 3 of their popular pony tabletop game - the meatiest and most expansive version yet! 

For those of you intimidated by the thought of adding numbers and rolling dice, I recommend at least skimming through the 170-page, full color rulebook: the bestiary section alone is worth a read. Find the press release below the break!

Hey, everypony!
Tall Tail here, with an exciting announcement! /)^3^(\

At long, long last, after a year of development and plenty of hard work, we're finally ready to release the Season Three Edition of My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic!

With much more streamlined mechanics and a player-friendly d6-based system, greatly expanded content, more playable races, new pre-made adventures, a plethora of original artwork, and the same firm commitment to staying true to canon, S3E is our best edition yet, and we couldn't be prouder to present it for your enjoyment!

Head over to our website at to download the S3E release packet, which includes the 170+ page full-color rulebook .pdf, the stand-alone universal character sheet, and even a unique S3E GM screen you can print and assemble--a little extra something for you brave GM's out there!

Thanks, everypony! We hope you enjoy playing S3E as much as we enjoyed making it, and remember to tell us what you think by emailing me at !

Your faithful game development friends,
- The Roleplaying is Magic Team
- Arctic Lux

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