The Way Home

 The Way Home is side scrolling game where you can chose between two characters, Fluttershy (Normal Difficulty) and Rainbow Dash (Hard Difficulty). The game features some pretty epic songs, including Art of the Dress Eurobat Mix, Sonic Boom8-bit Winter Wrap up, 8-bit Night of Nights, 8-bit Space - Magic Fly, and Taking to the Air.

The controls are the Up and Down arrow keys to move Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash up and down, the Spacebar to fire either two birds, or blue energy, depending what character you chose, and Enter to see the level password which can be typed in at the title screen to skip back to that level.

There are 5 levels total, including a final boss level. The goal of the first four levels is to dodge all the clouds and other obstacles, and collect the bubbled feathers to increase your speed to ten bars. Each feather will increase your speed by two bars, thunder clouds will decrease it by two, and everything else will decrease it by one.

Firing your projectile has the same effect on both difficulties, it destroys any clouds it touches. When playing as Fluttershy on normal difficulty, your speed bar will automatically regenerate one bar over a given amount of time. This advantage is taken away when playing as Rainbow Dash on hard difficulty.

The plot of the game is very simple; you are supposed to help Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash safely make it home to Cloudsdale.

While the story isn't really emphasized in this short game, the gameplay is simplistic and surprisingly somewhat addicting. This game gets a rating:
- Strawberry Spice

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