Derpy Delivery

Derpy Delivery by Grit
(Broken link, guess it'a an abandoned project.)
(I'll try to find an older file for you guys)

Derpy Delivery is a Platformer by Grit where you play as Derpy Hooves.

The controls for the game are Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to skip scene/restart level, Esc opens up the menu, 'X' picks up items and 'Z' to give letters to other ponies and continue chatting.

The game currently has only two levels, and a mysterious third 'Twilight Zone' level. The first level opens up with a cut scene, where Derpy manages to accidenly scatter a bunch of letters, the goal of the level is to collect said letters, and return them to the other mail pony. The game itself features some very nice movement, mostly smooth and working collisions, and pretty great controls. After returning the three letters to the other mail pony, another cut scene plays and then you enter Ponyville. This time, your task is to deliver letters to the ponies who need them, but mainly to find the mail bag. The second level is VERY large, and you can go pretty much everywhere. There are many things that make the level fun to just roam around in, and many things you can mess up for other ponies.

Did I win?!

After completing the second level, you are taken to a mysterious level known as 'The Twilight Zone' (As of version 0.02.00), the background is all weird and there is a large image of Twilight and a few boxes just lying around. You cannot actually win this level, it is the end of the game.

The plot for this game is pretty well thought out. Derpy Hooves is a mail pony, and you're supposed to go about on a regular mail delivering day as the clumsy pegasus. You start out by knocking the mail your partner mail pony is brining to you everywhere, along with the mail bag, and have to retrieve and deliver all of it. The game is still in its early stages, so not much more of a plot is present, but for the little that's there, it's pretty good.

The game is currently at version 0.02.00, and there is a thread for it here on Ponychan. Or you can visit the Derpy Delivery site here.

Here's a Playthrough of the game so far on youtube, made by SirTapTap

The well thought out plot, fun gameplay, and great graphics give this game:
- Strawberry Spice

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