Rainbow Dash Mini-Game

Rainbow Dash Mini-Game is a short side-scrolling game where you play as Rainbow Dash, flying and running above the clouds.

The controls of the game are simple WSAD controls. 'W' to fly up into the air, 'A' to move left, 'S' to move down, and 'D' to move right. Pressing the spacebar while running on the clouds will cause Rainbow Dash to jump into the air, while pressing it when flying in the air, it will cause Rainbow Dash to jump slightly into the air higher, and divebomb down immediately afterwards.

The game features only one continuous level, and the goal is to hit as many clouds as you can, while avoiding Derpy Hooves and the underside of the thunder clouds. Thunder clouds can be destroyed by hitting the cloud itself, but touching the lightning at all will cause you to lose a life. You start out with a total of three lives, represented by Dash's Cutie Mark on the lower part of the screen. Running into other Cutie Marks in game will replenish a lost life. On the bottom left side of the screen if your flight meter, when this is empty, you will no longer be able to fly. You can replenish this by touching the ground clouds, causing Rainbow Dash to start running instead.

The plot to the game is completely undefined, and there is no actual end; though the game has a nasty habit of breaking after you pass the score of 5719.

The collisiona nd controls of the game are well designed, and the game is very simplistic and easy to understand and play. This game gets:
- Strawberry Spice

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