Equestria Chronicles: Online - Contest Update

Equestria Chronicles: Online is a 3D fan made My Little Pony Friendship is Magic MMO, currently being developed by Rainbow Bloom and their team in the Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

This MMO does not currently have much released information, but we can expect videos and screenshots in the near future, according to Rainbow Bloom. As of now, the game has been confirmed for being based around social interactions, cooperative minigames and special events during the early stages. The idea of TF2 Type servers was brought up, but dismissed shortly after, the actual way servers will be set up remains unknown as of now.

The only current screenshot

The team is currently working on a persistent server environment, allowing them to add to the base game mechanic and other features, such as quests, character stats (if desired) and other locations in game. The game itself will be completely 3D, and the team is hoping to get a Beta up as soon as possible for testing.

If you are interested in joining the team, check out this there HERE, post a new topic with what you think you can offer to the team and the game.

The Ponychan thread can be found HERE.

Contest Update - Equestria Chronicles: Online has recently started a contest for remaking the “Powered by unreal technology" video into for the game. The winner will be able to play as one of the mane cast (Not including Celestia and Luna) For three months in game.
You can find the Ponychan thread with the rules HERE
And you can submit your entries HERE
- Strawberry Spice

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