Team Fortress 2 Pony Mods - Spray Update

Well, quite a few bronies have been working on ponifying Team Fortress 2, and they've done a mighty fine job. Be it knifes, dispensers, or even BONK Energy Drinks, they've got pony mods for just about everything!

This is also home to the famous Applejack Engineer mod, which you can see in the video below.
That's not creepy one bit, Nope.avi

A brony by the name of Enlino sent Sethisto over at EqD a large pack of TF2 Sprays, there are a few animated and all of them have transparent backgrounds.

It also comes with a handy Read me for anypony who doesn't know how to use these sprays.
You can download them HERE.

Just Chillin.

- Strawberry Spice

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