Castle Pinkiestein

Castle Pinkiestein

 If you've been following the Spike's Quest blog, you may have heard that its creator was alternating between working on it and a side-project titled Castle Pinkiestein, a first-person shooter/puzzle game starring Twilight Sparkle as the protagonist, trapped inside some sort of cruel nightmare in which she is forced to kill mutated Pinkie Pie clones. Aside from this there really isn't much else for info on the game (aside from what we've heard of it formerly being a minigame in Spike's Quest), so I guess we'll just have to wait for now and see how the project turns out.

 My apologies for the overall lack of content lately as well, I'm just waiting for the My Little Game Dev Marathon to finish so I can post about the results (it officially ends at some point tomorrow, which will be followed by a one or two day delay until I get the go-ahead to write the compilation post).

 Oh hey, you'll also be able to play this game with your dorky 3D glasses.
- Tuxxy

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