PonyRL Progresses Smoothly

A screenshot of the PonyRL web client.

 The web-based PonyRL project seems to have made a decent amount of progress since we last looked at it back in August, with several more playable classes and scenarios for the player to unlock. It's still pretty basic as far as roguelikes go, however; enemies are mostly stationary, there aren't really any NPCs for the player to interact with, and you aren't likely to get sick from eating orc carcases. Newcomers from the genre should find it fairly easy to get into, although after a while it might leave them wishing for something a bit more...substantial. Might have something to do with the game's still being in beta.

 Then again, it could just be that the later stages are all much better and I just suck too much at the game to get to them, who knows?
- Tuxxy

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