Play Legends of Equestria Tomorrow

Game announcement: servers are opening in 24 hours!

 On Friday at 12:01AM EST the Legends of Equestria open server weekend will presumably begin, provided that their servers can handle the load. Even now they are crumbling under the weight of thousands rushing to download the MMO's client in preparation for the big day, and quite probably things will only get worse come tomorrow. Still, if you do actually manage to get in and play for a bit you'll be able to experience lawyer-friendly locations such as Ponydale, Cantermore and the Evershade Forest, and thanks to the /stuck command earth ponies will no longer be subject to eternal damnation in Tartarus.

 You can download the game here and read their exclamation mark-riddled announcement post here, but I'll copy & paste some of it below just in case the site goes down.

System Requirements
  • To run our game, you'll need to make sure you have the following: 
  • 2 GB ram 
  • Dual core processor, somewhere near 2 GHz. A single core processor works, but is not recommended 
  • An okay graphics card. If the computer is made after 2007, you'll be fine. The bare minimum would probably be 128 MB vram, DirectX9.0c/OpenGL2.0 
  • 1.5 gigabytes of hard drive space 
  • OS: Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux


/listfriends Lists all your friends. /logout Logs out of the game.
/players Lists all the players in the room. /help Lists all the commands.
/report <player name=""> Lets you report a player to the moderators. You can also click on a pony to report them. /playervisible <true false=""> Toggles your player invisible for you only, everyone else can still see you.
/cinemacamera <true false=""> Your player will disappear and the camera turns into a camera-fly mode. /removeitem <inventoryslot> Removes a game item according to the inventory slot it is in. Starts at 0.
/stand Makes your pony stand. /sit Makes your pony sit.
/dance Makes your pony dance. /unwearall Removes all items from your pony.
/facehoof Makes your pony facehoof. /inventory Opens your inventory.

Getting to Cloudopolis

In order to get to Cloudopolis, you must travel via the airship in Cantermore!

If you're in Cantermore, travel up the cliff to the airship port and board your way onto the airship.

 If you're starting in Ponydale, you must first go to the train station and travel to Cantermore, and then go to the airship port.

Getting to Cantermore

In order to get to Cantermore, you must travel via train from Ponydale or via airship from Cloudopolis!

If you're in Ponydale, you must travel via train.

The train station is just past Sugarcane Corner. If you're in Cloudopolis, go to the airport located high up and to the right of the main cloud.

Getting to Ponydale

If you'd like to visit the quaint little town of Ponydale, you must go by train from Cantermore.

If you're in Cloudopolis, go to the airport and get to Cantermore.

Once you're in Cantermore, simply go to the train station by by Astral Charm.


Plenty of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) need help with their tasks! Some give out special prizes if you lend them a helping hoof!

Go up to any NPC, right click, and select "Talk." NPCs have a "..." over their name.

Listen to what they have to say, and be sure to follow their instructions in order to move on in the quest.

At the end, you might get a reward for your kindness!


Watch out when going to the Evershade Forest! It's home to some scary monsters!

In order to defend yourself against the creatures you'll encounter, try using your special combat abilities!

Earth Ponies have Seismic Buck, Unicorns have Rainbow Fields, and Pegasi have Dual Cyclone! All three races have Ground Pound.

When ready, select a creature, a target reticule should appear. Attack the mob by getting in their range and selecting your skill.

When the enemy's health gets to zero, they'll faint! Don't worry though, I'm sure they can just walk it off.


Do you have an interesting item that you'd like to give to a friend? Well, you can trade them!

Simply right click on your friend and hit "Trade." The other pony needs to accept your trade for it to continue.

Once accepted, you'll see a screen. Left click and add the item to the trading menu.

When both players are satisfied with the trade, they both must hit "Ready." When both players hit "Ready," a "Done" button will appear. Once both players hit the "Done" button, the trade will be completed.

Stuck Somewhere?

Have no fear! No need to call the moderators! Simply type /stuck or unstuck me and you will be moved to the starting point of the map. (This will not work if you are in combat.)
- Tuxxy

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