Updates: Starswirl Academy/MLP: Elements of Harmony

Update time! Today we've got a trailer from the MLP: Elements of Harmony team and a long-awaited reveal from Starswirl Academy. You know where to click!

Elements of Harmony Steam Group (and Download)

The trailer above is for the hardest of the hard core - those of you who have put in the time and leveled above 85 in MLP: Elements of Harmony v.1.5. The video shows off footage from the new dungeon, which will contain seven new bosses.

Yep, the image is huge. That's because today the Zap Apple project released final character art for the mane six for the first time - a big step for a visual novel's development. I haven't been following this project closely, but so far the art's looking great. Check it out (warning: some of the images are a little saucy.)
- Arctic Lux

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