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Super robot hyper team pony force go! least, that's what the game Iridescent Pony Warrior sounds like to me. I'm told the name is more or less a parody of bullet hell naming conventions in general.

Iridescent Pony Warrior is actually a bullet avoider, meaning you spend more time dodging the flood of projectiles as you don't have to aim yours toward the boss. The full version, roughly slated for the beginning of Season 4, will contain more complete mechanics, and a variety of RPG elements to make the game more than just blasting.

Don't write the game off as easy, though. True to its roots, even the demo of Iridescent Pony Warrior contains an additional set of challenges after the completion of hard mode. In the beta, a single shot will knock you out of the sky, so you've got to be on your toes. Have at it!
- Arctic Lux

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