Little Pony Big War

Man, when May assessment season hits the fandom, it hits hard. This time of year, a lot of game developers (and us blogponies, too) are completely pinned down, but things should pick up speed as summer approaches.

Baejongkim's Little Pony Big War is part strategy, part tower defense. In battle, the player must manage his resources, building mining bunnies and sending out troops to counter an onslaught of Diamond Dogs. Stylistically similar to the Flash classic Age of War, the goal is to build up enough troops to successfully destroy your enemy's base. The handy mini-map displays an overview of units on the screen and the status of the midfield turret.

Although the basic premise is simple, Little Pony Big War has more than enough late-game content to keep you playing. Extra hero units (members of the mane 6) and infantry can be bought and upgraded outside of battle, and are a huge help during the later levels. Overall, it's one of the better flash games I've played recently - Enjoy!
- Arctic Lux

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