Announcing Pon-E3

As many of us know, there is a plethora of amazing MLP fangames currently in development. Many of them are highly anticipated, and others are relatively unknown. Pon-E3 (sort of like E3, but with ponies) is an opportunity for the devteams behind these games to present their work in progress through whatever media they choose, all in a comprehensive, two day event right here on Equestria Gaming.

These two days are Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14. There will be a total of 10 timeslots across these 2 days where individual development teams will post about their games through screenshots, gameplay videos, trailers, or perhaps even playable demos. The devteams which will present are secret at the moment, but the full list will be released closer to the event.

Now, the majority of the schedule is already filled, with some pretty awesome presentations lined up. However, 2 of these 10 timeslots are "Compilation Posts," which are posts that will compile all games in progress that are submitted to us. You can have your own game presented in one of these posts, and you can find out how after the break...

If you have an MLP fangame in development that needs more exposure, you can write a bit about it and email it to me at Just be sure to include "Pon-E3 Compilation" in the subject line.

You'd need to include the working title of the game, the name of the development team, and a short paragraph promoting the project (must be under 100 words). If you so choose, you can also include at the max, one image (screenshot, logo, etc.). It's also recommended that you provide a link to where you can find more about the project.

As long as it's appropriate and fits the criteria, I'll post it in one of the two compilation posts. More material will come out in the following weeks, including a complete schedule. Credit for Luna in the logo goes to popmannn.

- Enigma Sage

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