OFFICIAL 8-bit Pony Game Coming Soon!

A couple months ago the Hub posted an 8-bit My Little Pony commercial, and we all thought it was amazing. But what happened next nopony expected. The game featured in the commercial is real, and people who attend the Golden Yolk at Comic Con will get early access to the game! There's more detailed info in the press release, which states:
Visitors to the Broken Yolk will also receive a secret code to gain exclusive access on to the eagerly anticipated "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" themed, 8-bit "Adventure Pony" game already teased on the network.
 Hopefully they'll release it to the general public after a set period of time, but in case you happen to be attending the San Diego Comic Con be sure to pick up a code so you can play. If you happen to be feeling really generous I'm sure everypony would appreciate some screenshots, right?
- Tuxxy

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