Review: Waiting Is Magic

Press "E" to toss the ball!
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Many of you may remember this scene from the episode Read it and Weep. Well, DaBernd from Penta Studios made a game about it. The concept it simple - bounce the ball off the wall as many times as possible before it rolls to a stop on the floor. But this game is incredibly addictive - so play at your own risk. You can read more after the break...

First off comes the gameplay. You can see from the screenshot above that you must "Press E to toss the ball!" This is the gist of the game. You press the E key in rhythm to try to keep the ball bouncing off the wall. You are graded on your performance for each hit - Worst, Bad, Good, or Perfect. The longer you keep going, the higher the score multiplier gets, and combos drive the multiplier higher.

The mechanics of this game look smooth and show realistic. This game, simple as it is, is animated very well. The bouncing sounds of the ball are also simple, and though they can get a tad irritating after a while, they are well done as well.

You can customize your ball as well, by hitting the T key. Protip - make the ball completely black at the beginning for a hardcore gaming experience after reaching encapsulation (after your score reaches 5,000). A black ball will be moving on a black background - the only time you can see it is when it actually strikes the wall, and you must guess for the actual timing.

Shown here - a hardcore gaming experience.
All in all, this is a great game for when your bored. When I have nothing to do, this will most definitely be my new default pastime. You have to play it for yourself to see how addicting it can be. And plus, it's still being updated! So without any further ado, I give this game a...


- Enigma Sage

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