Pony On the Moon/Parasprite Invaders

Pony On the Moon screenshot

Pony On the Moon and Parasprite Invaders are two unfinished Java games. The first one is a gravity-based platformer starring Luna, who has been trapped on the moon yet again. In order to survive she must eat, and somepony has conveniently left some muffins drifting around. You'd think that she would also need an oxygen supply if she requires food, but then again this is just a fun platformer that could really use a dedicated artist.

The second game is a simple asteroids clone, except instead of a spaceship you control Twilight's horn, and in place of asteroids you get parasprites. Again, it's in an early state and once again shows that programmers in general are terrible artists, but if you somehow managed to get bored of Waiting is Magic (which we reviewed earlier) then this might be a fun little time waster.

If you want to play these two games you can find Pony On the Moon at http://ponies-in-space.appspot.com/ while Parasprite Invaders is located at http://ponies-in-space.appspot.com/paraspriteinvaders.html. Have fun!
- Tuxxy

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