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Pony Avatar Creator

When it comes to designing an original character non-artistic Bronies often turn to tools such as the (in)famous Pony Creator. While those usually had tons of customizable attributes their output was somewhat unsatisfactory,  giving each character an extremely generic pose that was easily recognizable and often the subject of mockery from those who actually took the time to draw their OCs. However a new pony designer tool has turned up, with the main purpose of creating web avatars, and unlike most it features animation and a somewhat less generic pose.

Does the Pony Avatar Creator manage to break the mould, or is it just another crappy pony creator? For our full opinion on the game, continue reading after the break.

Upon opening the Pony Avatar Creator the user is greeted with a glasses-free version of Vinyl Scratch, which they can then proceed to customize. As with other programs of this type there are various options that you can play around with, and a colour changing tool (as titled in the app). I had a couple gripes with the latter, mainly that it was rather difficult to manipulate if you wanted to achieve certain less-used colours, although this shouldn't be a problem for your average user. Sadly enough for a pony creation game there are surprisingly few customization options, with a tiny selection when compared to your average application. Five manes just simply isn't enough, and if it weren't for some of the other features I'd stay away from this program alltogether.

SexyDude34, 15 year old saviour of Equestria and Celestia's long-lost cousin.
So what else does the PAC have to offer? Well in a surprise break from the usual your creation is animated! It will tap its hooves, do various random stuff and follow your mouse with its eyes. It's kind of a shame that it couldn't be exported as a Flash animation, but that's asking a bit much now isn't it? There's also a gallery that you can upload your pony to by clicking the "take screenshot" button, although once you leave the page you cannot reedit your OC. In case you're bored you play a Youtube video in-app and the pony will "dance", while the speakers in the background will thump with the wubs. Again, this has absolutely no real purpose but it's a nice touch, so I'll roll with it.

What did I think of the Pony Avatar Creator? It was really polished for what it was, but for once it seems the creator focused more on polish then content, which was pushed to the bare minium. It's sad really, but hopefully the creator will take the cue and add more stuff to the editor and make this a truly worthwhile program.


- Tuxxy

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