Brohoof Grand Galloping Gala Event


The folks over at the Minecraft server recently had an amazing Minecraft event that they named the "Grand Galloping Gala 2012". Apparently from the video above and their article at The Daily Brohoof it was quite the event, with over 200 people attending and a bunch of fun games and contests to entertain the guests. And after all that, Queen Chrysalis crashed the party by invading!

Also, I nearly forgot, but the event was set up because they're recreating Equestria again. That's right, they're tossing out their current recreation of the fantastic world of My Little Pony and rebuilding it entirely from scratch! Hopefully this new version should be of a similar quality to the old version (perhaps even better!), or that they'll keep some kind of backup of this version in case they want the old one back.
- Tuxxy

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