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Hello again, folks! So, in typical Equestria Gaming fashion, we took a short break on news, thinking there wouldn't be much to report on in that time. Sorry about that, feel free to direct all hate emails over to me. Today we've got a whopping fifteen game releases and/or updates,  so please make yourselves comfortable while we go over the lengthy list after the break!

Since our previous post of this game, D'LIRIUM has received many new updates and neat additions from new modes, to custom maps, bug fixes and other general gameplay improvements. Honestly, everything's been completely revamped!
Check out the game here and feel free to check out the soundtrack as well!


"Rosie Clayne drives to visit family in Green Leave town. Suddenly on the road unknown silhouette has blocked the way, having lost the control over car Rosie has crashed in the tree. After wake up, she noticed that she got in an unknown city, at one of the plates was written: Welcome to Silent Falleym. Entering to apartments, place around Rosie has started changing. The next news is after crash Rosie doesn't remember anything else except own name only. Walking through blood rooms and meeting horrible creatures, Rosie needs to find a way to restore own memory."
Check out the game here


"Fallout Equestria: REMAINS is a game created by a team of enthusiasts based on the Fallout: Equestriauniverse invented by Kkat.

The genre of the game can be defined as a platformer, 2D shooter or bagel with elements of RPG. In it, the player will travel through the post-apocalyptic world, explore its various corners, communicate with the locals and perform their tasks, pump their hero and fight enemies, using a vast arsenal of weapons and magic. Full passage of the game can take from 30 hours or more."

Now's your chance to fuse two ponies together! What abominations will you create?


"As mentioned in our previous update blog post, this new Wave release was focused primarily on fixing various glitches, performance problems and the mountain of bugs that have plagued us over the years. While we hope you’ll have a more stable experience with this new release, it’s still early alpha days, and as such you should expect potential performance issues among other things.
But this build isn’t just about fixing stuff, we also took the time to add some extra content for you to play around with. This includes:
  • Ponyville map has gone through bug fixing and improvements, new grey-box/model assets used to populate the map.
  • Starting zone is now in Sweet Apple Acres and the old item platform was removed. Items and weaponry are now placed across the town, so you'll need to explore to find the good stuff.
  • A new achievement system to track your progress as well as fun little objectives to complete.
  • New weapon (Zebra Assault Rifle) added to the lineup, as well as new edible consumables like food and drinks. Magic has also been changed so that you have to find magic scrolls for new spells dotted across the map. Your Pipbuck will now also give you more stats and information in regards to these new items.
  • Male pony raiders have been added and old enemies like Radroaches and Bloatsprites return. In addition Raiders and Protectiponies have regained the ability to speak again.
  • Visual enhancements like improved pony eyes and horn magic effects.
  • New character customization options such as horns, body paint and height.
  • Console command access, allowing the usage of a few cheats we use internally for testing, and some shenanigans.
  • Fixes and improvements to music and audio.
  • And more
So check out the game today!"


"The reports of mass loss near Grose Hill were received; all attempts to investigate were unsuccessful. To clarify the situation, a special squad Gamma was sent. However, after 5 hours, communication with Gamma was lost. The squad Delta got a task immediately render help to Gamma. Upon arrival, the squad was attacked by unknown monsters, from all squad only one soldier has escaped and hid in an old mansion. But the nightmare is not over yet."

Download Page of Red Code Hazard


"You have been cordially invited to our little royal dance party. Our fifth little dance party, to be exact.

It’s finally time for a new edition of TrotMania, everypony, and I personally think this might be one of our best yet! 106 songs, including five brand-new songs that are making their official public debut in this very pack. Unlike previous editions, we’ve decided against doing a larger series of update patches over time, and focused on having everything pretty much final on-launch. That doesn’t mean we’re not doing any post-release content before the next main installment, however!"

Main Site



"The center hall of Altreyne Tech is closer, and now Shelley needs to do the last thing, activation of the main elevator. The monsters interfere even to get to the first floor from which Shelley could get to the generator and restore the power. The second bad news is that around started appearing the Dark Rifts, which has a lead to else big amount of monsters. Shelley needs to figure out how to solve all issues with the elevator, and to try to restore a broken connection with other team members. Nightmare continues..."


"This update contains several new additions as well as some quality of life changes. You can expect new areas, new bosses, new weapons, new accessories, new skills, and new races to play as (Check the change log within the Readme for a complete list of changes).
You will first need to unlock the new races before you can play as them. There are some hints in the game that will help you figure it out. If you can't wait and want to know how to unlock the new races now then please read the wiki"
Game Download


"The city Silent Falleym was peaceful and prosperous, and its river Lorcrey was a pearl. The order of fanatics carried out bloody rituals called Marmad, the purpose of which was to awaken the dark god, Metatrox. Soon a curse upon a curse fell on the city. All the city was plunged into darkness. Daisy Wallace goes to Green Bridge to visit her family but before the car has appeared silhouette, Daisy lost control over the car and crashed into the tree. After wake up, she noticed that is in some city. One of the signboards says: "Welcome to Silent Falleym". No sounds or any residents. The snowfall with darkness becomes denser and stronger, but most terrible things are waiting ahead...

Silent Falleym: Snowfall is the remake of the game, Silent Falleym 1. "


"A game by Francis Vace, in collaboration with Faulty, for his song Double Time Dash"
This is a really fun platformer game inspired by Geometry Dash which I suck at :[
Check out the game
Check out the song
Download the album

"In our latest documentary, we take a look at the origins of Mane6 and their work on Them's Fightin' Herds to see just what goes into making an indie fighting game. "


"It’s been a while since 0.2, hasn’t it? It’s been a long, wandering ride, but we’re finally here! Through a near-complete staff change, reorganization of assets, revisions of script, bug squashing, and asset compilation, we’re near the end of our year long tour journey!
This time, we introduce the remainder of the Mane Six! The engine has been updated (many times), the writing has been redone (and will be redone again), and so many more art assets have been included! (I’m in love with the character expressions especially, and the BGs are so detailed, I want to kiss a kitty.)"
Check out the public release here!

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