Minty Fresh Adventure II Pre-Preview

A screenshot.

 On September 29th Mark Sprague decided to release a brief "pre-preview" of Minty Fresh Adventure II on MLPchan, which remained unknown to outsiders until today, when some anon posted it in /mlp/'s Game Dev thread. It's fairly brief, but contains a WIP bossfight, several relatively minor easter eggs and some of the nicest voice acting I've ever seen in a My Little Pony fangame.

I would link the original thread, but I'm not sure if MLPchan would appreciate the influx in newbies. In the meantime, enjoy the preview-thing!

So you actually look below the break? Good, because I found a treasure trove of Minty Fresh Adventure II screencaps on MLPchan. Most of 'em are from back in July, but I thought you'd enjoy them regardless.

I kind of doubt that this one is from Minty Fresh Adventure II, but ah well.

Congratulations on making it this far down! As a reward, have some tech demos and whatnot.

- Tuxxy

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