Super Lesbian Horse RPG

Recently, I was alerted (thanks, Flutterwhat) to an upcoming project dubbed "Super Lesbian Horse RPG." Games made in RPG maker are hit-or-miss: while the program offers you a decent degree of flexibility, if you don't take the initiative you end up with a very cookie-cutter game. Fortunately, SLHRPG could well break that mold.

Although the game lacks an official FAQ, (here it is!) and the information on the blog is far from complete, what's there is enough to give a pretty decent idea of the look and feel of the game. The game's original spriting (see irresistible header image,) art, and a recent music sample point to this being a quality little game, though.

As the title might suggest, Super Lesbian Horse RPG looks to be a quirky, story-focused JRPG. Based on the few snippets of dialogue we've seen and Bobby Schroeder's previous work, it'll probably remain PG but still be very shippy, so don't play it if that's not your cup of tea.

Update: A quote from the developer describes the game as "worksafe; the game has minimal violence and minimal swearing." Jokes go as far as kissing but not into any risque territory.
- Arctic Lux

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