Rise of the Clockwork Stallions: Rarity VA Wanted

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions

So far Darkera Studios has been making excellent progress in their Rise of the Clockwork Stallions game (as can be seen if you've played their most recent demo), but they've hit a bit of a snag. You see, they need a voice actress for the fair lady Rarity, and they want one as soon as possible. If you think you can sound like Rarity and have a decent microphone, you can apply for the job by messaging ChurchCrusade on Skype.

 Also, it looks like Snowdrop is going to be a playable character. It somehow doesn't seem very in-character for her to be fighting robots and whatnot, but then again the same could be said about Fluttershy, eh?
- Tuxxy

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