Updates: Pony Tactics/A Chaotic Crisis/MLP: Revenants of Chaos

Time for another round of updates! I'm in the mood for brevity today, so - below the break!

Pony Tactics

Pony Tactics has just released the first of many updates on their new blog! This one contains an overview of the structure of the game as well as designs for a totally new race of intelligent Equestrian creatures. They're also looking for some more skilled artists and animators to live up to some impressive concept art!

Pony Tactics Update One Post

A Chaotic Crisis

The Chaotic Crisis project has released a screenshot of several more playable ponies, along with promises of even more (see header image). More importantly, they've announced an improved beta in a week or so!

MLP: Revenants of Chaos (formerly Project Dash)

The Revenants of Chaos team recently released their latest game update, featuring swimming controls as well as impressive advances in sound and graphical design. If you've got experience with moderating or spriting, the team is also looking for help with the GUI and getting their budding forum off the ground. Contact them via the forum link below.

MLP: Revenants of Chaos Forums
Gameplay Trailer
- Arctic Lux

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