Game: Sweet Apple Cider

Jeez, Applejack, it's about time you took responsibility for cider season. 

Sweet Apple Cider is a ponified remake of Tapper, the classic 1983 arcade game. Playing as Applejack, the player frantically runs back and forth between three tables in a futile attempt to buck enough cider to satisfy the oncoming horde. Gameplay is simple and addictive, and while there's only one level, it should keep you gnashing your teeth for a while.

The game's pixelated charm is evident right from the title screen, which nostalgically proclaims "CREDIT 0, INSERT 2 BITS". The rest of the graphics seem homemade as well, and the game successfully pulls off the retro feel. The chiptune rendition of "Raise This Barn" playing in the background doesn't hurt. 

Overall? This is one of the best minigames I've played in a while. Go give it a try!

- Arctic Lux

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