TEMNO: Testing Da Magikz


 Lexo Astonov recently released another video preview of his upcoming game, TEMNO, and I'm quite impressed with how much progress he has made since he released the first few screenshots of his pet project. The video seems to be mainly showcasing the improved grass and "physics"; although in my opinion the one thing TEMNO could use the most is some decent level backgrounds. Sure, it has a couple hills here and there, but some trees, rocks and whatnot would really make the game feel much less static than it does in its current state.

 Also, I'm kind of surprised that since the game takes place in Pinkamena's mind it isn't a little more, you know, crazy? I'd expect to see fewer mysterious stallions standing silently in the distance and more axe-crazy unhappy birthday cakes. Then again, Astonov isn't exactly making an Earthbound fangame so...

Update: looks like Astonov has decided to throw some trees into that scene. They still need some work, but they're there...and below the break, because this post would be too big if it were above the break.

- Tuxxy

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