At Equestria Gaming we get to see many different types of pony-related indie games that are under development. Massively multiplayer online games, platformers, adventure games, and a complete overload of RPGS. Ironically, up to this point in an industry saturated in first person shooters we have not seen a single first person shooter under development, and no, I don't count mods. However, today that all has changed.

A My Little Pony FPS (while still in early development) has arose. Find out more information after the break.

Immolation's creator, "Piedoom" describes his project as a pony-related, steampunk first person shooter with a great emphasis on stealth. While we have no actual gameplay footage yet, Piedoom has released a couple screenshots, concept art and two music tracks (one of which can be found in the video at the top). Even though it's still in a very early state of development, it looks great (if a bit bare), and I look forward to giving it a try once it's released.

The fella also has a tumblr, which you can find at

XTUX, out!

- Tuxxy

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