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Hopefully you all had a relaxing and rewarding blackout day. For those of you who missed it, Equestria Gaming blacked out, along with countless other websites in protest of H.R. 3261 and S. 968 (SOPA and PIPA: you all know what they are, no need to explain). We believed it to be a necessary gesture in the fight against these bills, which would effectively destroy the internet we know and love.

And what better way to herald our return than to report on a game, better yet, a SOPA game! The creator of Super Filly Adventure, Jay6, parodied his own game with SOPA "PIPA" Filly Adventure, where everything is censored. Read more after the break...

In short, SOPA Filly Adventure follows the storyline of Super Filly Adventure, a game Jay6 originally created for the 16-bit gaming contest on Equestria Gaming, but has grown into a very popular game in its own right (it definitely deserves a full on review here - I'll be sure to write that).

The difference between this parody and the original is two-fold. One, only one of the three possible endings in Super Filly Adventure is possible here. Also, every character and every character's name in text boxes is censored, leading to some fourth wall breaking conversations between characters commenting on the SOPA and PIPA induced changes. The backgrounds in most scenes are solid colors, and there is no music; both are

You follow a censored version of Jade around, inviting equally censored ponies to a party to stop SOPA. Upon talking to Applejack, you play the making muffins minigame, but since the ingredients are blacked out as well, you don't know which is the correct ingredient. The finished product is a mystery to both you and the characters.

The game culminates in a boss battle against none other than SOPA itself, represented by a likeness of Lamar Smith, the U.S. Representative of Texas's 21st District and the fellow who introduced SOPA to the House.

Jay6 has stated that the game is only temporary, so I suggest playing it now if you so desire. As a note, the reason SOPA is crossed out and replaced with PIPA is that SOPA's hearing has been postponed indefinitely whereas PIPA (I believe) is scheduled to be voted on January 24.

- Enigma Sage

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