My Little Pony 3D Open Source

My Little Pony 3D is a Three-Dimensional game created in blender. This game is currently open source, and editable by anyone. The songs featured in this game are AlwaysWhat is Love?Propane NightmaresLux Aeterna, and Bittersweet Symphony.

The readme (Includes the controls and lot more info) can be found HERE

Currently, the game is only an open world sandbox, where you can control a pony and walk around. There is nothing to interact with, and no actual point to this game. The 3D models have a very Nintendo 64 type feel, and they're not bad at all. The controls are your average WASD movement, Shift for running, and F for flying. Pressing the numbers 1-6 will spawn different ponies that you can control, and pressing 0 will spawn an NPC that moves around randomly (Applejack only at the moment). The VBNM keys will change the music, BUT BE WARNED, THIS WILL CRASH THE GAME IF YOU ARE ON A 32-BIT SYSTEM.

Holding shift while flying long enough will result in this

The game is very simplistic at it's current state, and the world is fairly boring, with a few buildings and trees scattered. It is possible to fly off the world, and past the sky bubble. There are many things that this game could use, more polished controls, borders, blinking, better models for everything (Though I kinda like the whole N64 Style).

The creator is currently open for suggestions of any type, and for people to help with the game. Whether it be art, programming, or even organization, send an email to CreatorOfPony [at] gmail [dot] com

The game is extremely well made for such an early release, and such a young developer (Age of 14). The controls feel a little sloppy, and the camera is a pain to control while flying. While the models could use a lot of work, they're still really good. This Open Source game is going to lead to a lot of amazing things.
- Strawberry Spice

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