MLP Generator Version 2.0

(because the first link only works for a few people)

MLP Generator is a simple Pony Creator, made in flash by Shadarack Tailroam.

The game has no goal, but it allows you to customize a pony of your own, with 21 different mane and hair styles, your own custom cutie mark, a full color spectrum for mane, hair, and coat, and eye color. You can even choose between male and female, and being an earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, or alicorn.

The game was put together well, with a few small problems. The biggest problem I encountered was the customizable cutie mark part. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to get that cutie mark in there. This was a problem few others encountered, so it must have just been my computer. A few of the other smaller problems with the game were all along the lines of the colors not completely filling in the entire mane, tail, or coat.

It's like Scootaloo, but with a Mohawk and spiky tail.

While the game already has a lot of customization, there is still a lot more it could have. More types of eyes, body builds, facial expressions, and accessories would be nice. The cutie mark customizer was a very welcome addition, no other pony maker has that option as of now. And if you're feeling lazy, just press the random button a few times for every option, you're bound to find something cool eventually.

The game was well put together for a pony builder, but lacks many features, and the thing that made it stand out most, the customizable cutie mark, didn't seem to be working for me (I've heard it works for everypony else, so my computer just derps). I can't really put a rating on this type of game, so instead I'll just say: Check it out.
- Strawberry Spice

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