Rainbow Dash's Flight Training

Rainbow Dash's Flight Training is a simple Side-Scrolling game where you play as Rainbow Dash. The game features the song Rainbow Dash Likes Girls (Stay Gay Pony Girl) by Renard.

The controls for the game are simple, hold shift/left mouse button to fly higher, and let go to drop. Though the controls are simple, the game itself is actually quite challenging. The game consists of one continuous level, randomly generated each time you start over. The goal is to avoid the clouds on the top and bottom of the screen. Easy, right?

Yeah, I stink at this.

The speed you move at is considerably fast, and the sensitivity of the buttons are ridiculous. Though neither of these things are bad, in fact, the only thing I found legitimately wrong with the game was a strange bug that allowed you to shoot above the clouds at the beginning of the game, though it would only let you get a hundred or so meters before you crash into something.

The game had no storyline mentioned in the actual game, though the PONYCHAN POST states that Rainbow Dash is training for the Best Young Flier Competition.

468m, that's pretty good! Right? ...Right?

The game is challenging and fun, features many games are missing, and even though I couldn't break 1000, I think this deserves:
- Strawberry Spice

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