Arcade Spotlight: Zap Apple Buckin' by zztfox

In the spotlight this week we've got Zap Apple Buckin', a cute and simple little point and click by the talented pony pixel artist zztfox! Tap (or click!) on all of the ripe Zap Apples before they disappear to help Applejack harvest them, making sure to take great care to avoid the unripe ones. Harvest as many of them as you can within the time limit in order to get a high score and increase your rank, which give you greater and greater score multipliers the higher up you get!
Just a quick note! When a round ends, the screen will fade to black, then the results screen fades in, and then you go back to the title screen. Around level 20 or so, there's a bug wherein the screen will fade to black like normal, but won't fade back in again. The game is still going when this happens! Your progress is saved between rounds, so just listen for the title screen sounds and then refresh the page to continue playing. Happy harvesting!

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