Pony-Escape by PonyDevs

Supreme horse-game mazing n' gaming! Finished in 9.02 seconds.
This is a very simple maze game made by the PonyDevs community featuring rarity trying to escape randomly generated mazes... which sometimes are invisible... or while being stalked by the Smooze... or both. Your goal is to guide rarity through the monochromatic labyrinth into the black void on the right. rarity is clapping her hooves because she is so happy to be engulfed by the dark, empty void!
That is pretty much it. Not much more to say. Though I always like myself a some mazes, so this is my best attempt so far at speed-mazing (I just made that term up right now!). Timing starts the frame the new maze loads in and ends on the frame the "You Escaped!" text appears. Try to beat my time!

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