EQG Game Catchup Post - The Sequel

Horse game roundup, horse game rounduuuup~

Hey guys! Welcome to Equestria Gaming, the site where you can find all the information regarding pony fan games (eventually).  During the past two months, the fandom has been busy creating new works for you all to enjoy! Join us after the break where we'll be taking a look at new game releases and updates.
PonyAge is a 2D-MMORPG game with an explorable seamless world where you can collaborate with different players to assemble against the outside dangers. You can too get a few resources and keep them or sell them to different players. The game is open and available for everyone to download and they are contstantly updating it with new mechanics and quests.

For any more information and to try the game for yourself, check out the official website!

The world is characterized by a gloomy atmosphere and uncertainty. Having to navigate through the twists and turns of life can be challenging. Just as the vintage aesthetic and story of Bendy and the Ink Machine was well received, The Grim Tint promises similar qualities and features as it is modeled after the former.
A performing actress is taken through a dream of fame and recognition while taking some rest in the dressing room. A strange voice condemns her path to glory and declares her as undeserving of the bliss. She wakes up and realizes that she has to rescue herself from Nightmares creatures.
How will she wriggle herself off the fierce grip of these threatening creatures?
The Grim Tint is a specialized form of cartoon nightmare horror game that is set to thrill you as well as tickle even non-cartoon game lovers. Fight your way to the point of survival!

Giddy up! The fandom is about to enter a tizzy, with one of the latest updates for Horse Game. Horse Game Combat is an action/adventure style game that allows you to fight your way through hordes of enemies as they approach you, with this new update boasting of a depth of features such as an overhaul of the movements, but namely, combat! Download the demo version here to have a firsthand experience of the new improvements.

Ambient has recently dropped 3 gameplay demos over on their website that you can download now and give a shot! The builds were utilized to test the level flow, puzzles, collectibles and battle gameplay mechanics! You can download the builds here!
"After a series of bizarre murders occur, near the mansion Blackent. Police Department has sent S.P.R.S (Special Police Rescue Service). The goal of S.P.R.S is investigation of incidents described in reports related to the Blackent Mansion. After arriving team was attacked by a group of monstrous creatures. During the short fight, almost all team members were killed, except Jill Mason. Escaping from monsters Jill is forced to enter the mansion. Without the connection with the outside world, and help. Jill should not only stay alive but and research the mansion in search of all answers. Code Evil is the direct reimagination and pony adaptation of Resident Evil."
Check out the game here!

Here's a simple shooter game that features Starlight Glimmer and an army of shadows. You collect stars to upgrade your magic beam (which you can spam with left ctrl) and defeat enemies to collect points, whilst navigating a seemingly endless world.
Try it out for yourself here!

Shelley has found the mortally wounded team member and got from him information that monsters have started moving to the outside of Altreyne Tech. To prevent it the AI system has activated shields, but they will delay them for a short time. The central core has a module of teleportation which can teleport all whole building, including the monsters. The team member has died, but before it, he revealed important information because of which the pony civilization can be saved from the destruction. Shelley understands what she probably won't survive after the teleportation, but for her, it doesn't matter because her family is in danger too, and for them, she ready to pay her price of fear.

Download it from here!

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