Super Ethical Shipping Climax!!

Guess what? After 4 years of procrastination development, the Super Ethical Shipping Climax is finally done! Long time readers might remember a demo back in 2014, and since the maker is too lazy decided to pander to the nostalgia make it easier to finish the game, the ponies in the game are all classical season 2 style. Twilight is still normal (unicorn), Discord is still stoned, and CMC are still chasing their cutie marks.

Weird references everywhere!

The weird title is a reference to Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.
The author is clearly Canadian and speaks French, because other than French, there's this language that absolutely nopony asked for: TARBANAK.

Also there is Engrish for some reason.
Small Fruit Fruit with Minimal Disorders?

Seriously shippy!

Excuse me but alcoholic bottles are scarier than peepee.
Fortunately, I'm a teenage brony living in a yurt, so there's no way this would be unsuitable for me!

Contains 8 * 11 - 1 = 87 different ending arts! Collect them all! By the author's own admission though, most of them are just made by copy-pasting two ponies together.
Accurate depiction of how the game was made. Illustrated by Baron Engel.

Let's Play! (spoilers below!)

spoilers below!
This is a reference to Banned from Equestria (Daily) (Pokehidden, 2015).
Turns out Colgate just flat out not allow me to do that.

Note: all backgrounds are made with posterization of irl photos.
OOOOOF. Ending #77 get!
There are like, 87 endings, so I'm clearly not going to finish them all, but I still spent a good deal of time playing it.

So just have some highlights utterly out of context!
The Rarity's New Hat
Written by Cosmia Nebula, probably. I'm an astronomer you know.

Note on "true ending". A "true ending" is just the ending that the author likes the most. It is also significantly longer than the shortest endings, sometimes being the longest ending to get.
Rainbow Dash: not even once

And in the end...
25/87 completed!

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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