The Heart of Darkness in Canterlot - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 7

This is the seventh installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The sixth post can be read here.

Gearing up first

The Ministry of Image is the deadliest challenge I would face so far, so I really geared up and practiced my shots back at the base. Such as this mini weapon of mass destruction! It's a Balefire Egg Grenade Launcher, aka the most deadly scrambled egg ever. 
The egg scrambles YOU!
 I also paid Brass Buckshot a visit:
"Chopper" was just a slaver boss back in the Manehattan Ruins, who I killed and took the gun named "Loyalty". Brass Buckshot was captured by Chopper back then and lost his beloved Loyalty ever since.
He gave me a gun named "Black Heart", the strongest hoofgun in the whole game so far.

I also bought this cool sword from Winry, even though I'm not a melee pony.
Random Star Wars references goes over my head.
 From Dusty Nebula, I got a fancy new suit of armor
Perfect for battle mages!
It's funny that I started the game thinking I'm gonna be a shooting and explosion pony, but ended up getting lots of attack magics instead.

I also decided to do a total weapon count:
And from the chef, I also bought this!
I don't know if you remember, but way back in part 1 of my playthrough, I said I love borscht!

The Ministry of Image

More geared up, I proceeded to the Ministry of Image, where Rarity used to work, for propaganda and painting everything in a nicer image.
And inside, I found another terminal spilling out with classified information.

First page: a sketch of what the ministry does: censorship, rewrite history and current events to make zebras look bad.
This refers to an event before the Great War.
Luna’s Astronomer, Midnight Shower, is sent to Zebratown -- a ghetto at the foot of Canterlot for zebras -- to learn about all of their folklore involving the stars. There, Midnight Shower meets Steel Hooves, and then learns that a prisoner who was carrying the Black Book had it confiscated by the Ministry of Image. At the end, Midnight Shower is implied to have been lynched by a group of angry zebras because she had a piece of Nightmare Moon’s armor.
Note: Nightmare Moon is considered an ancient great evil from the universe above by Zebrafolks.
Harsh words from Rarity. She truly could be the mare of imagery and propaganda!

200 years later, it still hasn't been deleted.
Then, some emails from 200 years ago.
Something strange has happened. A secret pony in the ministry got hold of the truth about a certain "massacre on the Grizzly Islands". I don't know what it could be, but probably it was a big killing of ponies by zebras.
The Ministry of Image tried to suppress the news, but it got leaked by the secret pony anyway.
 So they resorted to using a Canary Trap, as well as Pinkie sense.
It's important to cover up one's flank during a secret pony mission!
Gray Shore was the saboteur. She did it because she was upset that her brother died in the Grizzly Islands massacre.

After reading these ancient classified documents, I returned to the battling through the Ministry of Image. It was long, arduous, but also routine. The only new thing was all the damn flesh-eating fishes in the water that I had to shoot at. I found that melee weapons and sniper rifles work the best against them. 
I'll just give you some entries from the bestiary for a taste of the horrors:
The last one is the absolutely worst. I fear nothing more than two of these at the same time.

The Heart of Darkness wants my heart

Right in the heart of darkness, I found a necromancer.
With that, I powered up all my magical protections and took my drugs, and then got destroyed in a few minutes in. It was so intense, I didn't have time to take screenshots.
Time to study the strategy guide... I'll be back when I beat her!
And that was me last September. It has been 8 months, and I've tried a few times, and I still haven't beat her. Well, time to do some grinding...
Like finding this little figurine of Twilight!

Helping Zira the zebra

After some grinding, I found my medical skills leveled up high enough to diagnose Zira the zebra, under the care of Velvet!
And I rushed immediately back to base.
Trust me, I'm an amateur surgeon, mathematician, mage, mechanic, explosivisor, pyromanic, big gun shooter, rocket launcher, wildlife biologist, astronomer, lock picker...
I always know what I'm doing!
The price was 5000 bits, harsh...
Can I get a bargain-
Nevermind the bargain! Time to save Zira.
Yeah, it sure is nice... if only it's that simple. I had to kill 100 times before I can save 1. 
Nihilism chews at my every nerve.
And for my act of kindness, Velvet awarded me this precious figurine... with a typo.

I believe I am finally ready, now, to take on the necromancer once again. Until next time.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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