Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture - Trilogy

 Derpy's Gr8 game trilogy
Happy Derpy day everyone! Due to this glorious occasion, I thought it would be the perfect time to present a trilogy of games that I'd been working on for the majority of last year.

This is a series of 3d platformer collect-a-ton games designed to be as unpredictable and silly as possible, much like the character herself. While the first game is quite simple, since it was made in three days, the other two games are much more complete, imaginative and most importantly, stable! If you're in the mood for goofy satires of platforming games, these are the perfect masterpieces for you!

Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture
Derpy's Gr8 Avdenture 2
Derpy's Gr8 Spookie Avdenture 

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