Day Dreaming Derpy Sweetie Belle Update - Demo v0.2

An update had recently been released for the charming JRPG affair, Day Dreaming Derpy.
This gorgious game received it's big 'Sweetie Belle update' just a few days ago, introducing a new dream area, a new awake area, new dreams, new uniforms, new followers, one of which you can probably guess from the title of the update, and a whole array of fixes.
What can I say without reiterating points in our previous post on the game?
This really is one of the biggest surprises we've had here for a while, A short sweet demo of a JRPG featuring everypony's favourite muffin enthusiast, exploring the dreams of her fellow ponies. Absolutely beautiful artwork, with only insignificant clashing styles. You wouldn't guess that it is a mere RPG Maker game just from looking at it, really breaking the cookie cutter style you usually see in those easy-to-use engines. Very approachable and simple combat and gameplay, unlike what you would expect when someone brings up JRPG's. Feels very stripped down, in comparison to your Final Fantasies, but never really lacking, unless you're going in expecting another overly complex grand RPG experience.
It is small, it is cute, it feels familiar and emotional and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to give it a go. It puts a smile on your face, nothing less.
Check out the links below for a trip to the game's official page and our download mirror, authorized with permission of the developer.

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