Pen and paper RPG: MLP: Saddle Arabian Nights

 TheTinean dropped this little oddity in our mailbox: a cross between a pen-and-paper RPG and a choose-your-own-adventure book. With character customization and the quintessential dice rollin', it's a good distraction if you're aching to play a pen-and-paper RPG but don't have the friends or GM nearby to do it.

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 Written by TheTinean, Saddle Arabian Nights opens with the story of a power struggle between the Saddle Arabian ponies and the natives who originally lived on the country's land. You play as a descendant of these natives, trying to overthrow the king of the country, and help the current queen, a member of this native bloodline, to raise to full power.

 The game has character customization, multiple weapons, an inventory, and turn based combat like a tabletop RPG, but has a storytelling and decision structure like a choose-your-own adventure book. It's all contained with in a 6 page word document, so you can either play it at your computer or print it out and play it elsewhere. The only thing to note is that it is very easy to cheat, just like any choose your own adventure book; you are on your own word when you play, and you even control the enemy attacks. So, to get the most out of the game, you have to go hard Applejack and be honest.

 Expect to die though. Everything seemed to be going my way on my first play and I still went from max health to none in one decision. It definitely takes a bit of luck, good planning, a even more luck to win. I may write a review after playing it a bit more, but my first impression is that it is very enjoyable.

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