Demo: Super Pony Wars

Super Pony Wars is a turn-based strategy game modeled after the Super Robot Wars (or Super Robot Taisen) games. The player moves each pony around a grid-based map and chooses from a list of attacks to defeat the enemies. You can also choose to watch the neat attack animations or skip them if you'd prefer. It's currently under development and the creator of the game is looking for anyone who would like to help in the making of it.

The story of the game will follow that of the show, starting off from Nightmare Moon's return. The creator said he is also thinking of incorporating fanfiction stories to the game, such as Fallout Equestria.

The game uses the same combat system as its originator. You can choose to use an attack either before or after moving your unit, but certain attacks can only be used before moving. Right before starting an attack, the game will show you the stats of both units that will be involved, as well as the hit percentage, which indicates how likely it is for the attack to land.

Units being attacked will have three options:
  1. Counterattack, which will allow them to use an attack of their own after the attacking unit is finished.
  2. Evade, which reduces the enemy attack's hit percentage by half.
  3. Defend, which reduces the damage taken by half.
This, along with many other attributes that are not yet implemented in this demo (such as offensive and defensive supports, as well as Spirit abilities), give the game a nice level of strategy and thought. There are many ways to approach a stage and you can find one that suits you best.

The game uses music from the Super Robot Wars games, remixed to better fit the ponies.

After every stage, you can upgrade your ponies using the money you earned by defeating enemies. Once again, the game gives you a great deal of freedom to choose how to upgrade them. You can upgrade their HP and make them extremely sturdy, upgrade their attacks and make them extremely powerful, balance everything out, or just upgrade them in the way you feel like.

Right now, the game has 2 stages available: Friendship is Magic Part 1 and 2. Go ahead and give it a try if you feel interested, and if you'd like to help in the making of the game, contact the author at his Tumblr. This game shows a lot of potential and I'll be looking forward to seeing it progress.
- Strate

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