It's Always Sunny in Dark Skyes

 In case you read the comments of our last post, you'd have heard that Dark Skyes' artist Pukey Pony got together with several folks and began work on an actual visual novel based off of the ill-fated trolling attempt (albeit without the supposed "deep RPG elements" and "100+ hours of gameplay"). As of now they're using placeholder music and backgrounds until more progress is made on the writing and character artwork, but I guess that isn't a really big deal since the fandom does have an overall lack of complete dating sims and it'd be nice to have that particular genre covered.

 There was a video update before this one, but Sam Hyde had it taken down from YouTube over "copyright violations" or some crap like that.

 Meanwhile, Windmistress is still probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious OCs I've ever seen in a pony fangame (especially with that cringeworthy dialogue in the original Dark Skyes trailer).
- Tuxxy

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