Nightfall Beta Five

Nightfall's title screen.

 Today marks the release of Nightfall's fifth beta, along with all the new features and balance adjustments that such an update usually entails. So if you've already finished My Little Investigations (or haven't gotten around to playing it, like yours truly) and have some spare time, you might as well give this a spin and see if the changes are for the better or not, since apparently the game is getting fairly close to leaving beta and will be considered stable once it does so.

Changelog below the break.

  • Added Ghost Structures system. This little feature may change the whole way the game is played! Pressing [Shift]+[S] over a structure turns it into a 'Ghost Structure', which allows you to shoot through them. In return, they receive 25% more damage from enemies.
  • Added Trance system. You now have a little 'Trance' bar, which is filled by killing enemies or getting hit. In short, the more Trance you have, the more damage you make! A full Trance bar means x3 damage!
  • Added autosave and quicksave (F5-F8). The game gets autosaved after each night, which you can load in case you get a Game Over. You can also quicksave (F5) and quickload (F8) your game at any time! (even at the main menu).
  • Added new items and achievements. Trance and Invincibility potions!
  • Improved enemies' behavior. 
  • Killing enemies now also restores spirit. You have to kill them yourself, though! Not your towers.
  • Trees now constantly regenerate HP. You couldn't heal 'em, but they can heal themselves now! No more worries.
  • Structures can't get completely destroyed anymore upon falling/dying. Another big change here. Nothing was as frustrating as falling off the map (or getting killed) and walking back to your Base, only to find there was nothing left. This doesn't happen anymore! Structures still get damage upon falling/dying, but they can only be destroyed by enemies.
  • Leveling up mercenaries costs less money. Half the price for all ponies!
  • Mercenaries don't obstruct your building box anymore. Mercenaries were really annoying because of this. Luckily, you can build over them now, so don't worry!
  • Added 5 more nights (new enemies, boss, etc.): up to night 35. 
  • Last implemented night now loops (endless runs). You don't get 'enemy-less nights' anymore! Night 35 loops (without the boss) so you can keep playing if you want.
  • 'Destiny Shift' costs much less spirit. NOW it's useful.
  • Invincibility now lasts 10 seconds.
  • Changed 'Game speed' key to F2.
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes. There was this huge bug regarding night 25's boss which would prevent the game from re-generating the world. There are also more changes and bug fixes regarding enemy spawn rate, skills, achievements, mercenaries, store upgrades, graphics, and the like.
- Tuxxy

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