Ponykart is Recruiting

Some Ponykart concept art

 I've been waiting for an opportunity to give Ponykart's unofficial revival project some more exposure for a while now, and now the time has finally come. You see, they're looking for some C++ programmers who also have some experience in C# to help them with the port, along with the usual graphics designers, musicians, and even writers (although I still have no idea why a kart racer would need people dedicated to the latter, especially since characters in said games rarely speak).

 Interested? Check out their announcement for details on the requirements and how to submit an application, or just read the copypasted version below the break. You might also want to check out their Google Group and GitHub repo.


Dev Team: Knowledge of C++ w/ C# as a bonus
Ability to work within a team and to work solo.
*Sample of past coding work is required.
*Past gamework is preferred(provide the name of the fangame/game if you have worked in other fangames/games before)

Graphic Design: Ability to make models and maps within Blender
Ability to draw basic sketches of needed items, stages, etc.
Ability to work solo and within a team.
*Must submit 3+ samples of past work with at least one sample in Blender and one sketching sample.

Storywriting: Be fluent in English (for review and application purposes)
Be able to write in varying styles
*Must submit a sample of past work.

Music: Be able to work on a collaborative and solo basis.
Be able to produce music within a reasonable time after requested.
*Need a sample of past work.

Send your applications to ravensteam@ponykart.org!
- Tuxxy

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