Magical purple alicorns saving the day.

 After playing around with Neverfree for a bit I've come to the conclusion that its creator must be quite the Cave Story fan, as this game's mechanics are highly reminiscent of the indie classic (yes, you can use the rapid-firing weapon as a makeshift jetpack). It could honestly make for a really great game if one were to expand upon it and add some more levels, maybe some more varied enemies/bosses that do more than just pace from one end of the room to the other as well. There was also a particularly crowded spot near the final boss that could lead to the player clipping through the wall if they were repeatedly jostled about by enemies, which one should be cautious of if one attempts to play this.

 Oh yeah, the game would really benefit from some music/sound effects. I was also quite pleased to see someone using LÖVE for once; it's probably my overall favourite 2D engine and it feels like there's never enough people who actually use it.

Something's up with Twilight.
 If you look at this sprite wrong (as I did for my first couple playthroughs) it looks like Twilight is firing lasers out of her gaping pink mouth.
- Tuxxy

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