Nightfall Beta v3.89

A typical daytime gameplay screenshot of Nightfall.
 It seems that Night Breeze of Silly Mares Games will be especially busy this November due to college, and since the real fourth beta for Nightfall isn't ready yet he's decided to make a relatively minor release in the meantime to pacify the masses. Enjoy, fellow pony fans, as I look into the possibility of eventually switching over to the Ghost blogging platform while listening to sludge metal and wondering why the fridge's water dispenser pours warm water instead of cold (which doesn't make any sense to me).

Release notes have been copypasted below the break.

  • Collecting structures now restores half of its energy cost. 
  • Added air dash. 
  • Enemies' AI improved. 
  • Shadowbolts and some bosses can now stun the player/mercenaries. 
  • Items and structures can now be sold. 
  • 'Force night' option now gives some extra money in Normal mode. 
  • Creative mode now features double money gain. 
  • Light Torches now show their area of effect before being built as well. 
  • Shorter position cooldown for building. 
  • You don't lose lives anymore by falling off the map. 
  • Lower drop rate for power-ups. 
  • Added 'Game speed' option (F5). 
  • Game is now slightly faster by default. 
  • Changed 'show/hide coordinates' key to F7. 
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes.
- Tuxxy

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