Later Today: Gaming for Good

Gaming for Good
Edit: it's over.
 Just a reminder that the "Gaming for Good" thing we posted last week is coming up today at noon EST. They'll be playing games and stuff, which wouldn't be all that exciting if they weren't doing it for charity and interviewing the Legends of Equestria and Mane Six development teams. Still, in a way I'm honestly getting kind of sick of these podcasters interviewing the same fangame teams over and over again, and wish they would chat with some smaller developers (such as Bobby Schroeder or Donitz) for once, but since that's unlikely to happen anytime soon we might as well sit back and try not to get too upset over the lack of variety.

 Once the event is ready you can watch it at

In a way, I regret scribbling those beards on the header because it resulted in me missing my one chance to see Taylor today.
- Tuxxy

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