No More Posts Until Sunday!

BroNYCon July 2011

Alright, a few of you may know this, but I will be attending this July BroNYCon (tomorrow).
This means I won't be updating any more until this Sunday. But honestly, I still feel like I'm missing a lot of gaming news. With all the things I'm doing IRL, I haven't had much time to search for stuff, and you guys really need to tell me when things happen. Even if it's a post on EqD, email me about it. PLEASE.

Anyway, If you ARE going to BroNYCon,  you get to see this handsome fellow (me):

But this will be the first time anyone will see me unmasked IRL, and when the photos are up, here as well.
I've got some pony stickers I'll be bringing with me, and possibly giving out to people (My hand cut ones). So if you are going, and see me (I'll be wearing my 20% cooler shirt), say hi! I'm also curious to see if there are any Equestria Gaming readers going as well, so say hi to me o3o (I'll give you an extra sticker if you say you read Equestria Gaming).

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you guys! And don't forget about the Otakon Brony Meetup either!
- Strawberry Spice

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