Iron Pony Challenge

Iron Pony Challenge, a new pony game in progress by JinrohDev, is a game featuring many different mini-games, where you can play as either Rainbow Dash or Applajack. The music featured so far in the game is the main My Little Pony Theme.

The current three games you can play are Pony Longjump, Rainball Bounce, and Hoofball Punt. In the future, you will be able to play as either Applejack or Rainbow Dash, but for now, only Rainbow Dash is supported.  Each game has it's own control scheme (It's highly suggested you read the instructions before playing), but the goal is the same: Get the highest score possible. There IS a high score table, so you can compare your score to others, and see just how well you did.

The plans for the game include future releases for every three mini-games that are completed. The end product will feature both Rainbow Dash and Applejack as playable characters, and mini-games based off the episode Fall Weather Friends, with the rivalry being the basis for the entire game.

Rainbow Dash getting ready to kick that thing SO FAR

I'm holding back on a review until the full game is completed for two reasons. One, the bugfixes are coming out crazy fast, and two, the game isn't even close to done with all the mini-games, so there is a lot to be looking forward to.
- Strawberry Spice

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