I can't believe Hasbro still has such massive leaks slipping through after all these years; you'd think they'd learnt their lesson, but alas, here we are
MLP G5 LEAKED is the epic adventure of Sunny and her best friend, Izzy Moonbow that was leaked on Youtube by a user named SingleHoof. The game is a highly detailed and accurate simulation of a pony character living in the town of "Maretime Bay." The user has the ability to acquire stuff and things, travel to other areas (mark my words, game developer: I WILL climb those stairs),  interact with other characters, and learn the basics of friendship.
Hurry up and try the game out for yourself  --->HERE<--- before it gets taken down!
I'm also offering a $20 reward to anyone who can go up/glitch up to the town (fʸᵃʸ u game dev)

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