Quest for the Black Book - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 6

This is the sixth installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The fifth post can be read here.

Battle against a true Alicorn

Last time, I was taken down by the Blood Moon's evil scythes.
I fought long and hard against her, again and again, until I prevailed.

After the brutal fight, I got the Alicorn Amulet!

I used drugs to increase my damage during the battle, and it finally wore out. And the inevitable result...

Sometimes the game seems to know my depression.

Celestia is my shepherd

I returned to base, and they were quite overjoyed that I was still alive.
Sorry, but I'm a professional jaw-jumper.
Calamity could not bear seeing me risking my life again and again, and tempted me to abandon my destiny and settle for a safe life.
But he could not understand me. I am the Chosen One, Equestria needs me. I have died one dozen and seven times, each death followed by the resurrection, a searing pain through my soul.
But I will fight again and again. I cannot rest. I will not rest.
CELESTIA spoke to me. CELESTIA commands me.

The SUN is my shepherd;
I shall follow with grim resolve.

She makes me lie down in green pastures;

She leads me beside quiet waters

Her student restores my soul;

She guides me in the paths of righteousness

for the sake of Her name.

I trot through the valley of the shadow of death,

Yet I fear no evil,

For b
ehind the endless clouds,
Are Her searing rays.
You shine through my black solitude,
When all hope had taken flight.
Your flame and amber will follow me
For the remainder of my life.

One day the earth shall rise

And tear apart the sky
And I will dwell in the house of the SUN


Calamity was a good pony, but he could not understand me. With this, I began the long journey to Canterlot.

Journey to the capital ruins

... but on the way to Canterlot, I met five zebras on the move. A tense conversation revealed Velvet Remedy's safe with them!
We are the Legion, for we are fighting a war 200 years out-of-date.
I followed the zebra, Askari (from Arabic: عسكري, "soldier, or military"), to their modest settlement Covertsign.


Yes, and my mission is leading me to Canterlot now.
No, don't you remember that I have my memories erased?
She told me, the time of killing is over, now is the time heal. The time to tear down is no more, now is the time to rebuild.
But she was the one that was deluded.
It is still killing time, and I will march on resolutely for Equestria.
Velvet realized her powerlessness to stop me, so she provided all she knew about the ruined capital.
She was also the medic of the settlement, and her service was payable in... kindness.
While we are here, I checked on the zebra she was caring for.
Then, I had a little talk with Zambezi, the zebra whose great learning poured forth like a river.

Into the jaws of the Abyss

I trotted east and turned right, and reached Canterlot before the nightfall.
 Experienced stalkers recommend going in completely naked.
 The sound of oppression squeezed my head. It was the evil transmitter! Out of curiosity, I stood directly beneath it, and got persistent +36 damage. Yikes!
Without going into the details, I'll just say one thing. Canterlot is terrifying. Everything is trying to kill me and everything is like from hell. I am quite literally trotting through the boulevards of death.
Dark souls?

Steel Rangers again

At the right end of the ruins, I ran into a big group of Steel Rangers. Uh oh... 
[covertly powering up StealthBuck]
Reminder: Scarlet Rose was one of the two Steel Rangers I had to kill back then. I was going to meet up with a Parasprite robot controlled by the Mentors, but they found it first and wanted to take me for interrogation.
[powering down StealthBuck again]
So they told me how to find the Ministry of Image, just like that. Easy!
I asked about their purpose there, and it turned out they were after technology, of course. In particular, they wanted to find the Canterlot branch of Stable-Tec.
Before I went deeper into the Canterlot Ruins, I stayed around in their base in the Water Treatment Plant, and...
I met a nice pony scribe! Reminds me of Dusty Nebula.
Are you one of them, Ms Scribe?
Wait, I thought only Earthponies could be here...
Can I get a power armor suit? It sounds amazing! I'll become an invincible death machine with that!

And that's it for today. Next time, we will journey to the heart of darkness...

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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