Lyra's List #17-2 HD Remaster

Admittedly, trying to go for two of these within a short timespan wasn't the most...well, intelligent way to have gone about this, haha. Kinda figured that it might help get the ball rolling a little quicker if Lyra's List hit the front page more often. Turns out that's not quite enough time for folks to pull something together per list. Oops. So, that said, we've combined what we had for the last list with the stuff for this list down below (hence the title!), and we'll just proceed with the List's original monthly schedule from here on out. Submissions for the next Lyra's List are open until June 30th , and we can't wait to see what you fine folks come up with next! Happy developing!

Game Design Documents

Help Wanted

Artist Profiles*

*While we'll be accepting this as a valid submission in order to give this list some kind of substance, please remember to submit a valid resume/profile according to the guidelines listed on the re-introduction post linked above!

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